"We live in a linguistic culture and everything has to

be turned into language. People don't understand

anything until you've explained it." This is a form of

visual obtuseness that comes from being raised on

television – "which absolutely deadens the imagination

and deadens the senses. You just sit there with your mouth open."

                               -Emma Brockes quoting Carl Andre, 

               'I'm a hopeless drawer – and a terrible painter’'


I find value in disregarded cultural trash. Our

decompression tendencies expose our guilty pleasures.

We choose to disengage and the distraction is a privilege. Can worth be reinstated to this slacker movement if examined against art history?

Through humor, I hope to suggest critiques of our learned art world, challenging the obvious assumptions that we routinely follow. Stereotypes and generalizations, along with hierarchical material associations visually wrestle for the spotlight. Expectations of what is considered historically or culturally valuable are exaggerated for these compositional battles. With heroic art practices like oil painting and the structural trust gained through my

sculptural forms, I rescue the integrity of conceptual art.